Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Secret Santa is a story about giving the gift of toys to children who don’t have anything. A child who loses his father and house in one year expects to have no Christmas. Only to find presents under the tree. This Christmas changed his life allowing him to be come a great scientist. He used his brains to create a time machine to see the stranger who changed his life.

Three Christmas Promises is a story of a woman who feels Christmas has let her down. She is visited by a ghost of a friend who tells her of three people who will fulfill their promises to her that night. Each person visits and fulfills their promises making her have belief in Christmas.
Collection of Christmas stories now for free on kindle from Dec.17 to 21.

Santa is an Alien! is the story of a man lost at the North Pole finding out the true story behind Santa. He finds out he is an alien and wakes up back in Town only with this story to tell.

The Delivery Man who became Santa is a story of a man meeting Santa and injuring him. After injuring Santa the man helps him deliver his toys and is offered the job of being Santa.

The Computer with Christmas Spirit is a story of a romance born out of peril. A computer programmer creates a machine to run a toy factory more smoothly, but it runs amuck forcing him to shut it down. However, it is not so easy to shut down and he must save his close friend.

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